music M.S.ConFigs

The M.S.ConFigs are a Geek Metal band based in Escondido, CA formed in 2004. Their music pulls from Rock to Jazz to Metal to tell the tales of custom built Personal Computers. In this whacky world with eWorms and eTrojans, the powers that be must join hands to conquer the foe that traverse the world wide interwebs.


  1. 4:42 AM
  2. IP Song
  3. 1024×768
  4. Reformat
  5. Intel Girl
  6. Defragmentation
  7. Who Was She?
  8. Copy / Paste
  9. Fatherboard
  10. CTRL + ALT + DEL
  11. n00bs
  12. (You’re The Only) PC For Me
  13. Neko Stevens